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IP Privacy

IP Privacy is an online anonymity tool for Windows PCs
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IP Privacy is an online anonymity tool for Windows PCs. It re-routes all the traffic on your computer through proxy servers scattered around the world to keep your Internet activity and geographical location a secret. You can purchase IP Privacy plans on the website. Although proxy servers aren't as secure as VPN servers, this particular service works well and is cheaper than most VPN solutions I know.

You can manually input the proxy login details offered by Privacy-Pro into your web browsers and applications manually, but IP Privacy re-routes all the traffic for you. All you have to do is enter your login details and select one of the many servers that are available.

To get a trial, you have to submit a support ticket, which keeps service abusers and scammers outside of their servers, which in turn, keeps the service fast and stable for all users. They usually answer your request in a day, and the trial is fully functional.

Using my trial, I was able to connect to US, UK, and Canada servers. They were really fast and my IP was automatically hidden from the prying eye. I was able to use geographical-restricted services like Hulu at incredible speeds.

José Fernández
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